How To Make Money Betting Baseball Online


The Key to making money betting baseball online (and other sports) is to not lose money betting on baseball. I am joking of course, but by looking at why people lose money betting sports online we can avoid those mistakes increasing our chances of winning money. Why do people lose money betting sports online? In my experience the #1 reason people lose money betting sports is because of greed. People have unrealistic expectations and expect to get rich overnight. They win a bet and keep raising their bets higher and higher until they eventually lose it all. Now they are stuck and start chasing their losses and have little or no chance at being successful. So to make money betting baseball online you have to have realistic goals. If you are a hundred dollar bettor a goal of making 200 to 400 a month would be realistic. If you are planning on retiring and betting baseball for a living (which I don't recommend) you need to be betting some serious cash on each game. It is always a good idea to stay in your comfort zone. People tend to lose a lot of money after they have a bad run (or an unlucky streak). You have to be betting an amount in which if you lose 6,7 or even 10 games in a row that you won't go broke or that is isn't even a significant amount of money to you. If losing a few games in a row gets you angry than you are probably betting too high. And when you start making bets out of anger that is when people start to lose money betting on sports. Having a proper bankroll is important but that has been talked to death. I would suggest a minimum of 20 bets for a bankroll (for a 1 unit bettor).

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Some Advice. If you are new to sports betting or are starting to take it a little more seriously I would suggest betting fewer games starting out. Taking your best 1 pick of the night and betting that game only is a good strategy starting out. It takes awhile for a bad streak to unfold betting 1 game a night. If you are betting 4 games a night you can go 1-7 over a 2 day period whereas it would take you over a week for this to happen betting 1 game a day. There is a lot of psychology when it comes to being a successful sports bettor. It is a lot more difficult to get upset over losing a single game in one night but if you pull an 0 for 4 night there is a greater chance you lose your cool and start chasing those losses (which is never a good thing).

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Does experience matter when it comes to betting sports online? Absolutely. I've been betting sports for almost 20 years and I know I am going to go through some brutal losing streaks. But I also know that things will turn around and that I will hit a winning streak (because I have done so numerous times in the past). When you have lost 5 games in a row a hundred times before all of a sudden it isn't that big of a deal. If you are not use to losing 5 bets in a row it can make you do some stupid things. And if you haven't lost 5 or more games in a row than you haven't been betting sports long enough. There is a lot of luck in sports betting (that evens out in the long run) and it just takes some time to figure that out.

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The hard part is not picking winners. The hard part is not getting greedy and not losing your cool. You have to be disciplined and mentally strong to be a successful sports bettor or gambler.

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